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Known Issues / Troubleshooting

How do I access the Settings dialog?

Press and hold the "Globe" key, a menu will appear, select settings.

Why does the keyboard cover the text I'm typing?

Some apps does not yet compensate for the size of the size of custom keyboards, first make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of iOs and if there is a new version of the faulting app. If the problem remains, a workaround is to use the small keyboard, press and hold the Hide keyboard key and select Small from the menu that appears.

Why does the keyboard sometimes stop appearing in an app?

Sometimes custom keyboards do no longer appear in an app, either no keyboard appears at all or just the default keyboard appears. First make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of iOs. If the problem remains; exit the app, double tap the home button to enter the task manager, quit the malfunctioning app, re-start the app.

Why does the keyboard bug out when I rotate into landscape mode?

This only happens in apps compiled for iOs 7 and earlier, for full custom keyboard compatibility the app has to be recompiled with iOs 8 SDK. Try updating the app to the newest version.

How do I enable the split keyboard?

Press and hold the Hide keyboard key, a menu will appear, select Split.

How do I enable keyboard click sounds?

Click sounds will be available in the next release.

Does Tempest require full access?

No, Tempest is designed to work without full access, however a few features like click sounds may be unable.

How do I enable full access?

Enter the Settings app, select General and then keyboard, select your version of Tempest and switch the Enable Full Access toggle to on.

How do I teach Tempest new words?

You don't need to, Tempest learns new words by itself, just use the word several times and the word will be remembered.

I changed the keyboard language in settings, why doesn't the predictive text change?

When you change the language layout in settings you just tell Tempest what keyboard layout it will use, this is so you can pick and choose what language and keyboard layout you want, like writing English with a German keyboard. The right way to change language is to install a new keyboard for your language.

Is there a shortcuts feature?

Tempest can use the shortcuts feature built into iOs, just enter your phrases and shortcuts in the usual place and the they will appear automatically in the prediction bar.

How do I turn on/of the Emoji icon?

You can turn it on and off in the settings dialog in the Layout Changes section choice Emoji key.

How do I enable Emoji search?

In the settings dialog select Prediction and then enable Emoji Prediction.

What do I do when Tempest does not show up in search on the home screen (Spotlight search)?

Don't panic, that happens now and then with custom keyboards, you can make it work again by enter some app (the notes app is a good choice), make sure the keyboard appears, then go back to the home screen and pull down Spotlight Search again.

Why can't I use Tempest to write an Appstore review?

Writing an Appstore review is currently not possible with any custom keyboard, please switch to the default keyboard before writing.

Why can't I post in Facebook?

Currently posting in Facebook is not possible in any custom keyboard, either use the Facebook app instead or temporarily switch to the default keyboard.

Why is there no dictation?

I would love to have it, but iOS 8 does not currently allow access to the microphone from inside a custom keyboard nor do they provide access to any dictation API.

Why is there no iPhone version?

Tempest started out as an attempt to, making a better keyboard for iPad. There have been several requests for an iPhone version and the work on one is well on the way. It will soon be available for beta testing.

How do I apply for Beta testing?

Just send a mail to support@tempestkeyboard.com, please include what iOs devices you have and if you want to test other languages than English and if so what languages.

Do you accept feature requests?

Absolutely, in fact many features in Tempest has come from users, just send your request to support@tempestkeyboard.com.

I want to report a bug

Just send me a mail describing the problem; Please include the following;

1. What version of iOs you are using.
2. What iOs device you have.
3. Steps to replicate the bug.

Send your report to support@tempestkeyboard.com.

My problems are not covered in this guide what do I do?

Don't panic just send a mail to support@tempestkeyboard.com.