Tempest Keyboard
It will blow you away!

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Customizable Layout

With Tempest you can customize your layout to fit your needs. What about a number row or an apostrophe key? Do you prefer Dvorak or Colemak over QWERTY? Do you miss having arrow keys or forward delete?
Customizable layout

Intelligent Gestures

Work more effectively with logical and easy to remember gestures. Move the cursor, input alternate characters and more!

Next Word Prediction

Tempest can speed up your typing by intelligently predict what the next word you writes will be and offer it to you as a choice.
Next word prediction
Emoji keyboard

Emoji Browser and Prediction

Find the emojis you are looking for in the built in emoji keyboard or enable emoji search to find what you are searching for with a keyword.

One handed or Split keyboard

Split the keyboard in two, with adjustable height or use one handed keyboard to better reach with your fingers. (iPhone only)
Split keyboard

Chose Your Own Style

Themes that are not just different color versions of the same theme. Not everyone is the same, Tempest supports different visual styles to fit everyones taste.

And Much More

Extremely configurable

Every little detail can be configured to your liking.


Tempest supports the keyboard shortcut functionality built into iOs.

Small keyboard

When you need more screen space.

Number pad

Toggle to write numbers easily. (iPad only)

Built by the users

Built by the users, many of the features of Tempest have originally been suggested by users. Keep the suggestions coming, don't be afraid of speaking your mind.